8 Things Executives and Entrepreneurs Do Differently

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Success is not always about what you’re doing, sometimes it about what you could be doing differently.  Not everyone can run a profitable company.  In fact, it takes a special set of skills to be a true leader.  

Executives and successful entrepreneurs do things differently than you do.  We’re not talking about middle level management here, we’re talking about real decision makers.  Here’s a list of things successful business people do differently:

  1. Put people first.  Climbing the corporate ladder or maintaining a successful business is rarely done alone.  It’s the coworker that tells your boss how you jumped in when people were spread thin, or your assistant manager who works a double shift when your new employee calls in sick, who sets you apart.  These people put themselves out there for you, because you’ve shown them they’re appreciated or valuable.  Do right by the people around you, no matter how “small” they are, and they’ll do right for you.
  2. Work harder.  You probably occasionally get to work early and leave late.  When asked to do a task you do it.  Overall you’re a hard worker.  We’ll here’s a terribly kept secret – your boss’s boss works harder.  It’s those employees who take the initiative, without being asked, who rise through the ranks.  Is there something this week that you could proactively get involved in?
  3. Stay focused.  It can be easy to get distracted by the noise that surrounds your business day – becoming overwhelmed and inefficient.  Most successful higher-ups have the ability to decipher information, discarding the noise, to identify problems and focus on solutions.  When today gets chaotic, slow down and focus on the important tasks – leaving the non-priorities for tomorrow.
  4. Exude confidence.  You don’t have to be an expert for people to think you’re one.  Most positions of leadership require the respect of those around you.  Formulate your plans and ideas, keep the course, and stay confident.
  5. Change it up.  Don’t be afraid to innovate.  Just because the company or industry does it a certain way doesn’t mean you have to.  Look at companies like Virgin, Google, Dyson and Apple, who diverted paths of entire industries simply by trying things a new way.  If it ain’t broke, break it!  
  6. Take calculated risks.  Do you think industry leading CEO’s rose to their position by playing it safe all of the time?  No.  If you want to be someone, quit hanging on to your excuses of job security and your comfort with the familiar.  What’s a risk that you wish you had the courage to take?
  7. Learn from failure.  Business conditions change.  People change.  Not every idea or venture can be a home run. Those who succeed do so by staying persistent and learning from their mistakes.  Executives and entrepreneurs are made bettered by their mistakes, they’re not defined by them.  Do you give up if you don’t achieve immediate success, or do you persist on?
  8. Motivate.  You’ve been around people who, and you don’t know why, you want to impress professionally.  More than likely it’s because you respect their position within the company or their level of expertise.  Learning to motivate others is another skill which must be learned over time.  Sometimes it’s as simple as being vocally positive.  How can you motive those around you today?
Interested in learning more? John Maxwell has a great book which expands upon these ideas of bettering yourself. Take a look at: How Successful People Think: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

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