12 Reasons Your Boss Should Be Begging You To Work From Home

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Just the fact that you came to work today means you’re going to get less done than you could have.  That’s right I said it, you’re less efficient working at the office than at home.  More and more businesses are coming to the realization that it’s not just a great fringe benefit, it’s in everyone’s best interest to allow an employee to work remotely.

Both employers and employees should consider these 12 reasons to cut loose from the company office building:

  1. Add time to your day.  The average employee commutes 1 hour per day to and from work.  That’s 20 hours a month of wasted time.  Just think what else you could accomplish if you had an extra hour per day added to your life!
  2. Increased creativity from better surroundings.  Having the choice to work in a park, coffee house, library or from the comfort of your own home helps to relax and inspire you.  Most design firms have already realized this and encourage their employees to experience new surroundings.  Working from your deck is a lot more stimulating than your cubicle.
  3. Avoid distractions.  Escaping chatty coworkers and office politics will help you to recapture a significant portion of your work time.  Most of us have become so used to distractions that we don’t realize how debilitating these constant interruptions can be.  Anyone who has had the opportunity to work remotely knows just how much more they get done in a shorter time.
  4. Work harder and smarter.  Those who work remotely have to make it a point to show their productively.  Now ‘working’ is transparent.  There’s no room for manipulating perception by simply showing up early, leaving late or running around with your hair on fire – now your accomplishments/actions/results will define you.  This is a good thing and one of the 7 Ways to Be Seen As An Expert In Your Industry.
  5. Global Reach. Now even small businesses are able to have ‘offices’ worldwide. Forget about just the local potential, imagine the perspectives (and resources) that employees located throughout the state, county or globe could bring to the company.  Pretty neat if you think about it.
  6. Be happier and healthier.  Imagine having the freedom (and time) to exercise mid-day.  Little things like going for a walk helps release endorphins that will boost your energy for the rest of the day.  A happy, healthy employee is a productive (and less expensive) employee!
  7. Flexibility.  Everyone is different.  Some work better early, some late.  Providing for a flexible schedule will allow employees to find their ‘sweet spot’ and create a better opportunity to coordinate their personal and professional responsibilities.
  8. Save lots of money.  Companies spend thousands of dollars per month on overhead like office equipment, utilities and rent.  Employees spend their money on gas, restaurants and business clothing.  While working remotely will not completely eliminate these expenses, it can significantly reduce them.  In today’s post recession times, decreasing expenses like these can be the difference between a profit and a loss.
  9. Technology allows for it.  For the first time in history, decreased costs for monitors, printers and laptops make it possible for someone to work remotely without sacrificing any office essentials.
  10. Better home life.  Being around your family will decrease the chances of divorce and child behavioral issues.  While underestimated, these potential distractions decrease employee productivity.  Spending time with your family is very important, don’t find yourself at a company that doesn’t respect this.
  11. Increased autonomy.  Said another way, decreased micromanagement!  Without the constrains of a traditional work environment (or the need for over-management), employees will be forced to discover best practices and work together.  The result will be increased efficiencies, communication and innovation – very powerful.
  12. Higher job satisfaction.  All of the above factors lead to one very important discovery: High Job Satisfaction!  It’s your life and your career – stop wasting your time.  Here’s a great read which expands upon how we should be working in the 21st century: Rework

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