12 Essential Apps Every Small Business Owner Must Own

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Are you looking to better incorporate technology into your personal finances?  Want to save yourself time and money while looking impressive to your customer?  Your mobile phone/tablet currently offers a wide variety of options to do just that.

There are plenty of apps out there, but these are the top apps any small business owner should have:

  1. TeamViewer HD.  Now this is cool.  TeamViewer allows you to control your desktop computer from your iPad or iPhone.  This is perfect for when you need to access an application or file that is on another computer.  The app lets you easily log into your computer, move the mouse around like you were actually there and launch programs and access documents.  App Cost:  Free.
  2. Line2.  Want to tap your dedicated business line into your iPhone?  Line2 is a VoIP service which adds features like virtual receptionist, call conference/waiting/transfer, SMS text messaging and others to your phone.  This is a very cool feature which competes with other services that require a physical phone at your home or office.  Service Cost:  $10 a month.
  3. Dropbox.  Everyone loves Dropbox – the free cloud service that lets you store, share and backup your files seamlessly.  The Dropbox App serves another function, it provides a solution for the inability to store documents on your iPhone.  Simply save your files to Dropbox and you’ll be able to access them from the Dropbox app.  App Cost: Free.  Not into dropbox? Google offers a similar service/app called GoogleDrive.
  4. HootSuite. HootSuite is a cool service which allows you to manage all of your social media accounts at once.  It’s great for those who want a one-stop-shop to publish posts, status updates, etc. for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Foursquare.  When you’re on the go you can manage all of these functions with the HootSuite for Twitter App.  App Cost: Free (4 accounts), $6 (for more).
  5. Wi-Fi Finder.  Are you cheap like me and don’t want to pay for cellular service for your iPad?  Wi-Fi Finder is a handy app that uses your phone’s GPS to identify where the closest Wi-Fi hotspots are.  App Cost:  Free.