Keys To Being Unsuccessful: 5 Skills You Don’t Have

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The only thing standing in between you and success is yourself.  Chances are you’re comfortable in your current role at work.  You’re not happy, but you’re comfortable.   You get to do the same thing each day and work with the same people.  But you’re in a rut. 

The key to being successful to growing a little each day.  This requires you to add and enhance the skills you have.

Here are 5 skills you’ll need to develop if you want to be successful in life:

  1. Develop a Solid Network.  The need to network never stops.  Some of the best advice I could give a college student is to always be networking.  Networking will help you land that first internship.  It’ll help get your first job offer or help you branch out out from one industry into another.  It can never hurt to have more connections than the next guy.
  2. Take Calculated Risks.  The unknown is scary.  Thoughts of switching industries, starting a small business or giving up company provided healthcare can be down right paralyzing.  It’s taken a of couple years, but I’ve learned that the only thing that scares me more than taking risks is…. not taking them.  While meeting new people and starting new ventures can be intimidating, imagine a career of doing the same thing over and over with the same people!  Never learning, never advancing, never leaving your comfort zone.  Don’t let the fear of the unknown prevent you from branching out and taking risks.
  3. Able to Articulate.  Your greatest idea or suggestion may be wasted if you cannot effectively communicate with others.   The ability to deliver thoughts in a clear and concise manner conveys an appearance of efficiency and professionalism.  In the modern era we live in, this skill does not just pertain to your spoken word.   Articulation also includes maintaining a level of professionalism in your written delivery (email included), associations and even physical appearance.  All of these factors will affect how a recipient interprets and receives your message. 
  4. Identify Problem. Solve Problem.  Innovation is one of the buzz words that surround our industry.  The basis for innovation is the ability to identify a need or problem.  Those of us who can look around and envision better, more efficient, ways to do business will be the ones leading the future.  Stop accepting processes just because they’re the norm.  Instead, consider what could be done differently.
  5. Continuing Expertise.  The reality is that average people do not get promoted or hired away from their company.  Experts do.  Those of us who are experts at developing relationships, analyzing data or identifying opportunities are the ones who advance.  Current and potential employers want employees who excel, not blend in.  What could someone consider you an expert in?  7 Ways To Be Seen As An Expert In Your Industry.

What was missed?  Is there anything that you’ve changed or would like to change about yourself?  Leave us a comment.

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