The Biggest Thing to Change to Lower Work Stress

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Work is usually your single biggest source of stress. Here are things to change at work, most importantly starting with…

Your Attitude.  Find yourself criticizing management and coworkers?  Depressed about the due date for your latest project?  Stressed that you could get laid-off today?  Well Stop it.  The sooner you realize that negative stress cannot help you, it can only hurt you, the happier you’ll be.  How do you fix this?  Dig deep to realize that staying positive and productive is the only path to happiness.  Remember that the only difference between a good day and bad day is your attitude.

Here are 5 other things that seem small but will add up to a lower-stress day:

  1. Start your day right.  Your drive to work sets the course for your day.  During the holidays, or on days that I know will be particularly stressful, I spend the couple extra bucks to stop and get a flavored coffee or healthy breakfast.  It works for me to start the day off in a positive manner.  Leaving yourself enough time, taking a less congested route to work or listening to relaxing music are all other ways to start your day off right.  Here’s how financially successful people start their day.
  2. Start-up the Exercise Habit.  The more you can move the better you’ll feel.  A lot of us are stuck in jail cell size cubicles, left to stare at a computer screen for 9 hours a day.  Make it a point to print from the farthest printer, walk to a coworker’s office (instead of emailing them) or take the stairs instead of the elevator.  This physical movement will help stimulate your mind and lower your feelings of stress.  Start right now!
  3. Lunch hour.  Stop eating “lunch” at your desk.  Lunch is a great opportunity to regroup and change your point of view.  If you’re not able to leave the office and interact with other coworkers, at least eat your lunch outside or somewhere more inspiring than your desk.
  4. Escape the “Learning Graveyard“.  Have you’ve quit learning at work and now you’re stuck in a cycle of monotony?  Not only can this be extremely stressful, it’s counter-productive to your career.  It doesn’t matter if it is work related or not, pursue a new hobby or certification.  A busy mind is a happy mind.  What’s something that you’ve been interested in learning about or a work related certification you’ve been pushing off getting?
  5. End Strong. Set yourself up for success tomorrow!  Make sure to finalize all tasks which are 99% done (don’t leave the unneeded stress of lingering tasks).  Think briefly about what you hope to accomplish tomorrow when you get back to work – doing this will allow you to “leave” these issues at the office and avoid bringing them home with you.
What are some tasks that work for you? Please share in the comments section as they could help the rest of us better cope with work stress!


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